First of all, thanks to all of you Radarr users for supporting us and making this great App happen! As some of you may know, I started Radarr a year ago, because I got frustrated with CouchPotato and forked Sonarr. I never thought anyone besides me would use it, let alone about 110’000 users worldwide (if our API statistics are to be trusted).

Today, I want to talk a bit about the current state of development, the first non pre-release version, new features (you can vote on what you want to happen), the new UI, Github issues and get some feedback from you.

State of Development

On the main Github page of Radarr you could always find what features are needed to be completed for the first non pre-release of Radarr, version 1.0. I want to implement all these features by the end of this Summer, so we can finally release version 1.0. (More info on the new UI and how it affects version 1.0, is found below.)

However, only I (@galli-leo) am actively working on Radarr at the moment: Closing issues, responding to issues, fixing bugs and implementing new features. While labeling all unlabeled issues yesterday (about 200), I realized that I need new Co-Maintainers. Thus if you match any of the following criteria and think you can devote a good few hours per week, please do not hesitate to contact me (e.g. PM on Discord gallileo#5784):

  • You have worked with one of the following languages before: C#, JavaScript, PHP (Radarr API)
  • You have worked with one of the following frameworks before: Backbone + Marionette, Vue.js (for the new UI), Mono (I know it’s not a framework)
  • You are a programmer searching to do something besides your boring day job :P and may have worked on other open source projects before.
  • You are a front end developer / designer and find Radarr ugly :( (And want to improve that)

I really hope I can bring version 1.0 out by the end of the summer, but that’s probably a bit optimistic.

Github Issues and Support

To help increase the time I can work on bugs and features we have to talk about Github issues and support: Github Issues are not for support!. Just because you have an exception in your logs, does not mean it’s a bug and belongs on Github. A permission issue, for example, does not belong there. Please, if you are not sure about it, always ask someone on the discord or subreddit first, a lot of people are willing to help there.

This also means, not opening an issue everytime the Update Server or API Server throws an exception. If you want to open an issue for that, at least do it on the appropriate Github page ( and respectively).

Also, please try using the search bar and try a few different terms before subbmitting an issue. I just closed a lot of duplicate or very similar issues. It’s really not that fun :( Always include a debug log as well, I cannot help you when you simply post “issue with importing” or “having this issue as well”.

Additionally, please stop posting comments like “+1” or “I would like this” on feature requests. There are reaction emojis there for a reason. Just give a thumbs up :). Please only post comments on feature requests, if you have something to contribute to it, e.g.:

  • I have found a list of all subtitle file extensions here
  • I think this should be done differently, because X, Y, Z
  • How about implementing it using this strategy?
  • etc.

I also don’t care why you need a feature, just add a thumbs up emoji.

Sorry, if this comes over a bit aggressive, but I just finished cleaning up a lot of old issues :| Some good news: As some of you may have noticed, I replied to all unlabeled issues, some dating back to June!

I fully apologize to all of you, who I did not get back sooner. Sometimes I read an issue on my phone and want to respond later, but now the notification is gone so I will forget it. I will try to avoid that in the future.

If I don’t reply to your issue within a few days, feel free to tag me again or bump the issue.

Another thing, if I close an issue, it doesn’t mean discussion is over, it’s just that either it’s not a bug or I think it’s fixed. Feel free to comment again or enquire further. (Though if I label it support, you are probably in better hands over on our Discord)

New Features

For the 1.0 version of Radarr, we need to implement some features. You decide on which features we should focus the most. Please read all features carefully and ask me on discord if you don’t understand what a feature means (I highly recommend you read the Project Metis Proposal PDF found here: You can vote on multiple features!

Vote here!

New UI

As some of you may know, we have been talking to make a new UI since a long time now. While this would bring a visual refresh, it would mostly include us switching UI libraries. This is the main reason we started talking about it, since working with the current library is very frustrating and leads to a lot of code duplication. It is also very slow, which is why we had to introduce paging. However, this lead to more problems and the UI code is a big mess currently and the UI is at times buggy.

WIth a new UI we could start from the ground up and make it much better. We could add more functionality (e.g. sorting by rating, showing recommendations for each single movie). We would start doing paging inside the browser (or maybe stop using it completely). This would allow for much better filtering and sorting, which would also be much more responsive.

With that being said, It would also take a considerable amount of time to finish as well as take resources away from fixing bugs and creating other features. It would also take another programmer / designer to work on Radarr a few hours a week or more. The release of version 1.0 (if we decide we want the new UI in there) will probably be set back by half a year due to that (or more, Sonarr has been working on their new UI for more than a year IIRC).

So you can vote whether we should focus on the new UI, just work on it when we don’t have anything else to do, or completely forget about that until version 1.0 is out :)

Vote here!

We already have done some mockups and even demos (using the new framework) for your viewing pleasure:

New Movie Poster View


New Logos

Since we want to differentiate us more from Sonarr, we also need a new logo. These are some mockups. Logos1.png

Quality Settings

This was more for UI testing Project Metis. However, we want to add more intuitive quality sliders. unknown.png

Quick Mockup of new Table View (With similar movies and filtering by genre)

Notice also how scrolling, filtering and sorting are smooth, eventhough it has 700 movies added without paging. This is because of the new Framework we are planning on using.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you all for making this awesome app possible! Before you leave, we would like to hear some feedback on our development processes: Give Feedback here!

With ❤️

The Radarr Team